Finding your fierce with a Ciao Bella Studios Boudoir Session|Rochester New York Boudoir

I often hear women say ‘I could never do a boudoir session, I’m just not that sexy’. I’m here to tell you, yes, you absolutely are! You are sexy, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are FIERCE! It isn’t your job to create photographs of you that can show you without a doubt that you are, leave that to me. I love showing women how others see them. We are so harsh with ourselves, every last one of us. But when you see these gorgeous photographs of YOU, you’ll never again be able to deny that you are FIERCE.

Who does a boudoir session?

Who does boudoir sessions? Anyone that wants to find their fierce, feel a little sexier, create a moment in their life that no one will ever be able to steal from them, and of course someone looking for the ultimate gift for themselves and their love.

I have many clients who will come to me for a boudoir session as a gift. But every single client will at the end of their session realize that this session was first and foremost, a gift for themselves. The photographs are amazing, but the feeling you have after your session – that’s the real gift here.

What should I expect from my boudoir session?

You can expect to feel nervous. You can expect to laugh your ass off, you can expect to feel AMAZING! During my Ciao Bella Studios boudoir sessions, my clients are pampered. Hair and makeup are included with every session. Who wants to walk into a room with a photographer and just start stripping down and having their photo taken? I don’t believe there are many of us that would not have a look of fear on our faces in that scenario. With Ciao Bella Studios you get to sit and relax while my professional hair and makeup artist Valerie of Wish Beauty and Lashes makes you look your absolute best. Once your pampering is done we select the outfit we want to start with and you and I get down to business! Understanding lighting and posing, I will make sure you look amazing! I always show my boudoir clients images from the back of my camera. These are unedited, straight out of camera photographs I have just taken of you. And every single time the response is ‘DAMN! I look HOT!’ Once you see that, those butterflies disappear. 😉

What outfits work best for a boudoir session?

Honestly, anything goes! But bodysuits are one of my absolute favorite things that clients bring. They are so flattering for any body type. But I’ve had clients bring everything from leather jackets to their stethoscopes (paired with nothing at all, stethoscopes are pretty damn sexy!) I provide my clients with a list of places where they can purchase amazing outfits, including Embrasse Moi, located in the village of Pittsford. I also encourage my clients to follow my Pinterest Page for inspiration. Creating your own pinterest page with ideas not only helps me see the style you love, but it also gets you excited about your session.

What do I get from my session?

My clients receive an album with every Boudoir package I offer. These images should be printed. What are you going to do with files? Who will you have print them? I use professional labs so that the products I create for you will last a lifetime. I want you to be able to look at these images when you are 80. I want you to be able to see them and remember how incredibly fierce your session made you feel.

My products include albums, art photo boxes, and even a viewfinder; remember those from when you were a kid? Yeah, this one is a bit sexier. 😉

So what are you waiting for?

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