Joyful Wedding Photography at The Beal House in Victor, New York

The Wedding Couples I love to work with are people that value the relationships they have with each other, their friends and their families. Brides and Grooms that want to create their own traditions, and don’t need to follow the rules. I’m inspired by couples who are present in the moment, not looking at the camera, or worried about what photo we should get next. You are my couple if you want to revel in those emotions and trust me to photograph your wedding for those emotive moments. If you want to laugh, cry, soak in every moment and not worry about that list of Pinterest worthy photographs. Those Pinterest worthy pictures happen in the moments in between, when you relax and revel in the love that you’re surrounded by.

Surround yourself with the people who love you, accept you as you are and want nothing but happiness and joy for you. Embrace the traditions that speak to you, disregard the traditions that don’t. Celebrate your day in a way that reflects the life and love the two of you share together. 

A and K did exactly that. They chose a tiny venue, The Beal House, located in Fairport, NY. This gorgeous venue has perfectly maintained gardens, a beautiful home with gorgeous details and to top it off a quaint barn you can use for dancing! My bride, A purchased her flowers from a local Amish Farm, who added mint leaves to the rose petals A requested so the smell of mint would fill the air as she walked down the aisle! How amazing is that?

Beal House Wedding, Fairport New York, DIY wedding

This bride surrounded herself with wonderful people, who obviously adore her. There was so much emotion throughout the entire day, it just couldn’t be contained! From tears of joy, to outbursts of belly laughs..everyone close to the bride and groom made sure to surround them with love. Look at that gorgeous floral crown!! It frames her joyous face so perfectly!

flowercrown, wedding party, finger lakes wedding photographer

That gorgeous dress was purchased at Lovely Bride Rochester, located in Victor, NY. Katie runs Lovely Bride. She and her team are great about helping you find YOUR dream dress. The quality of the dresses is unmatched. This dress was absolutely perfect for A. Simple, beautiful, soft, feminine, strong lines, unique. Just like the stunning bride.

Lovely Bride, Garden Wedding, Bridal Portrait

The outdoor wedding ceremony at the Beal House was perfect. There was a bit of rain just as we were about to start, but that just meant that everything was fresh, and the colors were beautifully saturated. A’s dad kept her laughing the whole way, as you can see!

outdoor wedding, natural wedding photography, photographer of love and joy

Getting married under a giant old tree with that barn in the background was everything A and K dreamed! I’ve worked with their officiant before (be sure to take a look back at this gorgeous wedding). Keri from Flower City Nuptials is simply lovely. She has a heart of gold and will help you create a truly unique wedding ceremony.

outdoor wedding ceremony, flower city nuptials, beal house wedding

The joy on A and K’s faces as they walked back down the aisle into the sunshine says it all!

joyful couple, sundrenched wedding, barn wedding

After the ceremony A and K walked around the grounds at the Beal House with me to enjoy some time alone and allow my second Jen Waldow and I to photograph those little moments in between. I love the way they’re looking at her rings, the laughter that comes so easily between them, and the complete love they obviously have for one another.

Fairport New York wedding, Fingerlakes wedding,

These lanterns made for an amazing final image before getting the party started. K pulled A in tight and everything else melted away.

lovely bride, magical wedding

And at the end of the night, once the sun had set and the amazing catering by Art Culinarian  (I’m not kidding, this food was beautiful as well as delicious!) had satiated everyone’s hunger, we moved into that little red barn to dance the night away. I love this quaint little barn! It’s such an intimate, unique space! Once again, I can not stress enough the importance of having loving, supportive people around you to make your day everything it should be. To be able to laugh, fully belly laugh, to the very end of your night, means everything!

wedding couple first dance, barn wedding, western NY romance, first dance, barn wedding wedding parent dances, New York wedding

Constantly laughing!

wedding reception, barn reception fingerlakes

My last photo, and YES! They’re STILL LAUGHING!! Joy. I am a photographer of love and joy. Come see me if you want your wedding day to about the emotions, the love, the joy, the laughter, and the tears. If that’s what you’re all about, I’m your photographer!

couples that laugh together love together forever, barn wedding

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