Photographer of Love and Joy in Upstate New York. Why I choose to photograph one of the wildest rides of your life.

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I’ve been a photographer for quite some time now, 13 years to be exact. I have photographed squishy, squirmy babies,  lovely glowing mommas, silly children, intensely fun high school seniors, crazy lovely families, gorgeously fierce women, and couples in love. My business has transitioned from one focused on babies and families, to one focused on women finding their fierce, and finally to helping couples in love celebrate in their own unique way, laughing, loving, being goofy, crying tears of joy…I’ve realized…

I have become a photographer of love and joy.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve realized how much I love helping my clients throughout the wedding planning process and during their wedding day. I want to help you truly enjoy your wedding day. I don’t want you to have to think about what needs to happen next, or who is going to stress you out. My couples trust me implicitly. When my couples say ‘thank you for keeping us laughing all day’ or ‘here’s my list of people that stress me out’ (and then are able to let go the rest of their day and NOT feel stressed out), I know I’m doing my job right.

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You should be able to be yourself on your wedding day. If that’s goofy, or romantic, overwhelmingly in love, joyful, serious, nerdy…as long as it’s YOU! My goal is to allow you to be comfortable enough to be all of those things in front of me, even when I have a camera to my eye. I love allowing those natural moments to happen. I love being able to put my couples together and see how they show their love. It’s absolute magic when you let that happen.

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I will laugh with you, cry along side you, be goofy with you!

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Your entire day will be filled with amazing moments. You need someone at your side, willing to help you when you need help, but able to disappear into the background in order to allow the love to flow naturally throughout your day. Find a photographer you click with. Come talk to me so we can get to know one another! If we click, I will be there happily photographing all of your love and joy! Send me a note!

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