Two amazing women and a party in a library? Yes please! Rochester, New York Ellison Park, Rundel Library Wedding

two marriers kissing in a library nook, one wears a floral crown, the other in a vest and glasses.

Love is Love!

If you follow me on social media (if you don’t you can find me here: Ciao Bella Studios IG) you are aware that I am an inclusive photographer. I work with inclusive vendors and I am passionate about that inclusivity. (Do I need to say inclusive one more time ;)) Earlier this year my husband sent me a Facebook post where a couple were giving heads up that a photographer advertising in a local wedding group had responded to their inquiry with ‘I don’t photograph same sex weddings’. Ummmmm hi, it’s 2019! Leave the wedding industry please and thank you. If you don’t believe in love, get out of an industry based around love. K? Thanks. Yeah, that shizzzz will get me fired up in a heartbeat. I reached out to this couple to let them know that not everyone in our industry is a close-minded twit, and that I was available for their date. And guess what? We hit it off like MAD! Grace and Megan are two of the most down to earth, fiesty, lovely, and crazy in love people you would ever want to meet.

First looks are my favorite!

Grace & Megan weren’t thinking of doing a first look, but after we met and talked about the schedule for their day they decided it was the best option for them. They asked if we could use an ‘alleyway’ next to their apartment. When I did a site visit with them I was blown away at how gorgeous this little alley was! Grace & Megan definitely have an eye for what works with imagery! Their first look was so incredibly sweet. I honestly had tears as they snuggled, talked and laughed; so much laughter! After, Megan let me know that she was so incredibly thankful for the chance to see Grace before their ceremony. It was such a relief to her to be able to see Grace and get rid of some of those jitters.

Ellison Park Wedding Ceremony|Love amongst the trees

The ceremony was held at Ellison Park, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. There were clouds in the morning with a bit of rain, but it cleared up just in time for their ceremony. Everything was so perfectly Grace and Megan, simple arbor with gorgeous florals, their nephew walking their pup down the aisle, their niece throwing flower petals, and of course, can you feel how much love they have for one another? Look at how they look at each other! Grace’s vows were a book called Awesome Book of Love by Dallas Clayton. Do yourself a favor and click on that link for the book. When you’re done crying come back here for more love. 😉 Grace and Megan’s wedding officiant started the ceremony thanking all of those that have paved the way fighting for inclusivity in our society, which just reflects how these two approach the world every single day. Can you see that one little teardrop from one of the wedding party member’s faces? Yup, that’s how much love there was that day. And a fine example of how you being in the moment can allow me to create incredibly emotive images.

So much greenery!

Having such a gorgeous space as Ellison Park to do our portraits is a photograph’s dream. We had the creek, gorgeous flowers, trees, and so much green! If you look through my instagram you know I love that green! And please include your pups in your wedding day!

Rundel Library Reception!

Grace is a librarian, Megan will tell you that Grace is a damn sexy librarian, I know she’s definitely awesome! I love seeing her post about events she’s putting together for teens at her library, educating people on being inclusive and raising the bar for librarians everywhere. Megan’s grandfather helped build this very building! The Rundel Library is absolutely stunning and a perfect location for their reception. No detail was left out. From the card catalog place cards, to the books and air plants on every table, and the roses made out of book pages, everything reflected Grace’s absolute love of books.

And how could I not end the night right here:

Scream from the mountains about your love. You are as together as together can be.

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