Finding the perfect dress. Your wedding photographer goes wedding dress shopping!

My fiance’ Dave, and I decided well before he proposed that we would absolutely be getting married in the mountains in Colorado. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get married there! It’s so stunningly gorgeous! We both love the mountains. The colors, the air, just the feeling of being surrounded by such epic beauty. Once Dave proposed we debated Spring or Fall, ultimately deciding on September 25th, 2018. Since this is the second wedding for both of us, I had already decided I didn’t need THAT dress. You know, the bridal gown, every girl’s dream dress. I’d been there, done that. But my daughter decided we were not going to miss out on the fun of trying dresses on and I relented. We made an appointment at Lovely Bride in Victor. We had a blast! And then something happened that I was not expecting. I tried a dress on that made me SWOON! I mean, it took over my brain and I couldn’t forget how I felt in that dress. I could picture myself in the mountains, the wind blowing, me snuggled into my handsome bearded groom. Sigh.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to get married here? Now picture the dress YOU would want to wear if your wedding was going to be here. 🙂



Now that you understand the feel I was going for, you understand the goosebumps I had when I tried THE dress on! It makes you feel kind of like this:


giggling bride, happy bride, floral crown, boho wedding


Let me just tell you about my experience at Lovely Bride, from the moment I walked in the door I felt at home. Katie is absolutely, well, lovely! She and her staff listen to you, to your needs, assess your style, want to hear details about your wedding. All of this helps them select the styles that will work best for not only you, but your vision of your wedding as well. The dresses they have in their shop are so unique! As a wedding photographer, I have seen hundreds of dresses, all beautiful in their own way. Yet, I will admit, that each year my assistant and I only have a select few that stand out for us. I can not tell you how often those dresses are from Lovely Bride. If you have your own style, love unique details, high end, soft fabrics, all brought to you in a gorgeous setting with a completely attentive staff, Lovely Bride is the perfect place for you! Now, I can’t show you my dream dress quite yet (you’ll have to wait until next September!) but I CAN show you a couple of dresses my brides purchased from Lovely! And yes, these dresses absolutely stood out in our minds at the end of a long wedding season! They were unique, perfectly suited to the bride wearing them and absolutely Lovely!


Lovely Bridal Gowns, Lovely Bride, Fingerlakes Wedding

Now that I have my dress I can start thinking about everything else, right? Keep checking back in, I have other vendors to tell you about! In the mean time go visit Lovely Bride in Victor, let them know I adore them!

Happy Wedding Planning!


Teri ~ Photographer of love and joy

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