Finding the right wedding photographer for YOU!

You’re engaged! It’s incredibly exciting, everyone is congratulating you and then they say ‘When’s the big day?’. Oh my that’s a loaded question, isn’t it? Because now you need to start thinking about all that big stuff, all those big budget items that, once you start looking at it all, are going to require way more $$$$ than you expected. Before you get overwhelmed I would ask you to do this: sit down with your love and talk about your dream wedding, the absolute must haves, the unicorn dream wants, everything. Now, look at that list and start prioritizing them. If you could have the best food ever but had to forgo flowers, would you? Then food is higher on your list. If you could have amazingly gorgeous florals and design but no photographs, would you? Then put flowers above photography. Gorgeous florals in image below by Pistil & Pollen. Popcorn provided by Popcorn Charlie’s.

When my husband and I were thinking about our wedding we both knew what we really wanted for our day. It definitely helps that we’re both wedding photographers, so we went into this with a real knowledge of what it was all going to cost. But our list looked like this:

  1. Absolutely epic photographs of the two of us in the mountains.
  2. Our favorite people by our sides.
  3. Amazing food.
  4. A fantastic house we could all stay in with gorgeous views.

That’s it. Nothing more. To that end we hired a photographer that knows Rocky Mountain National Park and whom we trusted to create epic photographs of us efficiently. (It gets a bit chilly at the end of September at higher elevations, not someplace you want someone fumbling their way through you photos). Mountain and Mood was our choice for the way he photographs epic scenes that are emotive, a combination you don’t always find. We found amazing chefs whom we trusted to create some of the most delicious food we have ever tasted. We have some foodies amongst our friends and Juli y Juan absolutely delivered. And of course we invited the people we would trust with our lives, without question. People who, while Dave and I were taking my kids on a tour through Rocky Mountain National Park the morning of our wedding, created a beautiful table in that gorgeous Estes Park home for our catered dinner, without us ever asking them to.

Gorgeous photo by Brian of Mountain and Mood

You’ll see one phrase repeated in that paragraph above ‘someone we trusted’. The most important quality in your vendors is being able to put your trust in them. Trust that they’ll help you create an amazing wedding experience. Trust that they’ll help you bring YOUR vision to life. Trust that they’ll show up when they say they will. Trust that they will deliver the product they’re promising you. When you meet with your vendors make sure you’ve seen reviews from other clients. That word of mouth is incredibly important. For photographers ask to see complete weddings. You need to know that they can photograph every element of your day. Meet with a few of each vendor and make sure you’re comfortable with them. Especially your photographers. You will spend more time with us than an other vendor on your wedding day. You want your photographer to be someone you can relax with, laugh with, trust to be there.

This is probably the biggest compliment I hear from my clients, they felt comfortable with me. They knew they could trust me. And for that I am grateful. That trust has allowed me to photograph some pretty amazing moments.

These photographs were created because my clients trust me. They are able to relax on their wedding knowing that they’ve put together a team of fantastic vendors.

Find vendors you trust. Ask for referrals. Find people that appreciate who you are, what you stand for, and how you and your love want to celebrate. Let us help you figure out how you can celebrate your love in a way that reflects who you are. There’s really no better way to celebrate!

Let’s get together to create your wedding day! Contact me today!

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