Some of my favorite Rochester, New York wedding vendors. Also known as ‘How to have an awesome wedding!’

As I start planning my own wedding (I STILL can’t believe it!), I realize how difficult it is to choose vendors. I’m lucky in that I know so many amazing vendors locally, but we aren’t looking locally, so what do you do?! I always help my couples pick out an amazing team for their wedding day. Having a team of vendors you know you can trust puts your mind at ease. I love when my clients take my recommendations to heart and end up with a team of all my favorites! Here are a few of my favorites to work with here in Rochester and some images from events I did with them.

For this post we’ll start with venues. Your venue is most likely the first vendor you’ll book after getting engaged as their availability often determines your date. There are some amazing venues locally. You just need to have an idea of what feel you want for your wedding.

When I met with Annie and Jen, they knew they wanted something magical. They had a couple of places in mind, but I told them to take a day trip and check out Firelight Camps, in Ithaca, NY. This place is stunning, magical, fun, and relaxed. Your guest can actually camp right there, or stay in the gorgeous, well appointed tents, or they can book a room in the La Tourelle, located just above Firelight Camps. There’s hiking right from the camps, an amazing firepit (ummmm let’s just say smore’s!), and gorgeous grounds. And if you feel like heading out of the campground, Ithaca is awesome! Don’t forget to check out the Ithaca Beer Co.!

Jen and Annie knew they would need a little extra assistance with the wedding so they hired one of my other favorite vendors; the amazingly talented team of planners from Simply Beautiful Events. Kelli Berg and her team are amazing to work with. They create gorgeous settings and are there to help you with everything. I’ll talk more about SBE in upcoming posts.

Firelight Camps Wedding, same sex wedding


If you want something that combines traditional with a bit of quirkiness, Westminster might be the place for you! This was originally a church and church hall until Angela and her fiance started looking for the perfect venue. They saw Westminster and decided it would make an amazing wedding and reception location. Angela and her team have worked tirelessly to transform the space. The chapel is lovely; bright and airy. The Westminster team is fantastic to work with, helping you create the exact feel you’re looking for. This is another venue where you can do both your ceremony and reception all in one location, which is awesome!

Westminster Wedding, Rochester NY Weddings

One of the other things I love about Westminster is their ‘backyard’. There’s so much gorgeous greenery!

Westminster Wedding, rochester wedding photographer

Whatever venue you choose, make sure it reflects your personalities, and that you love the people who will be helping you out. References and reviews will help you make those decisions.

A big part of the design of your day will be your florals. The right florist will create a stunning bouquet that will perfectly reflect YOU! The flowers above are from one of my favorites; Stacy K Floral. Her unique designs definitely set her apart! More about Stacy in upcoming blogs as well.

Next on my list is Ravenwood. I love this location not only because they do a wonderful job with the reception (their food is great!), have a beautiful garden that can be used for your ceremony, and an open air dance floor, but also because the property has so many awesome locations that don’t look like a golf course! They have very intelligently left lots of overgrown grasses, and natural landscaping which makes for beautiful photos.

Ravenwood Weddings, Rochester NewYork wedding photographer

And last, but not least is The Irondequoit Country Club. This location is classically beautiful. If you’re looking for a location with old world charm, this is it. With high windows, and a beautiful ballroom, you can’t go wrong.

Irondequoit Country Club wedding, rochester wedding


I hope this helps you when you’re trying to decide what wedding venue will work best for you! Remember your wedding is a celebration all about the two of you. Whether that’s natural, funky, classic, eclectic, wild, or demure, make sure your venue reflects that!

Next time I’ll talk about some of my other favorites including florists, cakes, hair and makeup artists, and invitations.

Ciao for now!

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